Talk about Rolex Replica hedge “myth”

[Shopping guide] of Rolex hedge “myth”
Published: 2015-05-20 22:15:34 | Source: love the table to enlarge on the official watch “hedge” is a favorite topic of many consumers. This topic naturally wander Rolex and Patek Philippe who, but the actual total amount is concerned, is the best preserved of the deserved Rolex watch brand. Strange to say, Rolex annual output of up to one million, and few high-profile limit, how we will have such a high price to protect it? This paper briefly chat!

Before saying this, first talk about what hedge. Hedging probably has two meanings, one is the rolex replica watches store price, if you buy today or table next store prices did not fall, even if the hedge; second means that the table in the secondary market price stability. If the hedge is equivalent to the investment, which would like to take an oil and water, it would be wrong. After all, there is the loss of the watch is consumer goods, how could expect to bring investment?

Rolex Blackwater ghost

Rolex is very successful in both meaning, fake watches china store price, in other brands when collective diving, Rolex rise, not fall. The most valuable is the secondary market, the Rolex so many years, prices have been stable in a horizontal line. If a watch post maintenance of good, basic shots between start and nothing is equal to the time white worn in your hand, this is a rare thing.


Rolex why so hedge? First, I think with the regulation of the market, bought a table of people understand, Rolex price is very strong, you are in the world any regular store to buy a Rolex watch are no discounts. Including internal channels, discounts are very few. The new watch market prices firm, the secondary market rolex replica china natural price stability. Secondly, Rolex product quality and after-sale are guaranteed, which virtually gave added confidence in the secondary market. Given their function is simple, accurate, durable, and more to meet consumer demand. The most important thing is the Rolex product line is very stable, and that a few classic styles never done a big adjustment. New out less, it means that existing products are not eliminated, it is increasing the most fundamental reason.


For these reasons, Rolex sit tight preservation of the sedan chair first. But not all models can reach the point that the secondary market fiery basic to the DJ and Kelpie mainly Daytona also considered a hotter. And, basically only stainless steel models will be preserved, Rolex gold watch hand, the market is not so good.

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