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Yes, Rolex replica china are not an end in itself, no offense to Jacques Séguéla, and yes, there are many brands offering more affordable models and the quality of manufacture, movement, design and finish n ‘ have nothing to envy to the Rolex brand.

Despite these valid arguments, you still want to resist the temptation to offer a watch brand which the mere mention of the name nourishes fantasies: Rolex, its prestige, its quality, its archetypal watches.
With your sense of ethics and good taste that characterize you, you are not going to opt for an imitation or replica Rolex watch. Imagine for a moment that you are caught in the harbor and run a pale copy of timepieces “Ralex” made in china, far Helvetii land. No, it is not possible.
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It remains an important factor: price. Montres Passion saves you the vain effort to look for the Rolex model price the cheapest on the official website of the brand (rates watches are not displayed).

The watch cheapest Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air is the King (114210 reference) and it cost the tidy sum of € 3,665.
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The Oyster Perpetual Air King 114210 is equipped with a 40 mm steel case and a Steel bracelet.

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Birth Patek Philippe watch cloisonné is inseparable from a nice Swiss Rolex Replica?variety of techniques.
Machinist qualified to produce a variety of sophisticated micro-parts; watchmaker is responsible for the installation and adjustment of mechanical devices; If craftsmen will build a place to live for the movement, and other skilled artists to accomplish the same This piece in its own skills and expertise.
Enamel Division can produce great works in cloisonné enamel, called the watch decision-making in the most superb artistic talent of artists, because their work is very rare and unique.
Enamel Division is an absolute artist.
They have an extraordinary taste of a classic artist, never ignore their work, “web” from every corner; if necessary, they can use the work of the brush-like hair.
They are well aware of the structure of matter, such as enamel (enamel) and metal, as well as the critical temperature, they are not ignored.
Enamel in the production process does not allow mistakes, work when placed in baking will shape permanently, there is no cure, can not return.
The term “watermark” of “cloister”, there is isolated, distinct meaning.
To view a topic, we must have the right size scale.
In most cases, the division of enamel use a larger picture, like a painting or photography as a reference, and sometimes completely homemade.
Division enamel generally drawn to the work sketch, or painted in the correct paper size, and then transferred directly to the work surface.
The goal here is to describe a different color to decorate filigree watch models.
Basic dial filigree enamel (platform) to select a variety of metals, but dial Patek Philippe enamel gold filigree is material.
The selection of the base material, the next step is to ask a very fine gold wire to form the shape of enamel watermark.
Because gold is very easy to break, but also to form replica watches the desired shape is very difficult, if this process is very time-consuming way.
In the example shown here, the substrate has been previously laid before cutting to form gold son can be seen through the translucent enamel delicate texture.
I can also tell you that these first adhesive neutral gold and substrate adhesion (adhesive will be removed during the firing process).
After securing the gold wire fake watches china forming, we must choose a glaze color fill each of the partitioned section and type.
Enamel thousands of years are beginning the molten raw glass on metal surfaces.
After centuries of development, enamel enamel can already make the division more directly determine the final outcome.
Today, the best teachers enamel frosted glass and other materials commonly used to mix your own glazes to obtain the desired color and transparency.
You can use these glazes seen these artists have their own “secret formula”.
Fixed mesh with gold thread, choose a good color of the enamel, “canvas” on this set.
At that time, the division will come prepared with a watermark of mixed enamel enamel complete each section.
This important step may seem simple, but in fact, the use of a variety of colors; before the final product is complete, each color must be baked in an oven a little time, then a layer of enamel, then baked, so repetition time.
In this case, a hand holding a small tray division of enamel, which is ready to freeze the other hand, use a very fine brush filigree pieces filled carefully.
Please note that the front of the card colors and sketches.
Each division of the enamel outstanding hand will have a color chart, above them personally mixed and baked in an oven own colors, each color to ensure full compliance with the hands works specifications.
In this case, the division according to their preferences enamel mix different combinations of materials, such as production next cloisonné reference.
Note that the original form of the powder material of the mixed original enamel can not determine the final color only after baking in the oven, will know whether these colors to look at life.
He fired six or seven times in a furnace, even after replica watches china several times, the filigree section accumulate multilayer glaze, to show you the latest works wonderful colors of the rainbow.
It is also important that the other stages of the cooking process and enamel.
Our artists must understand and observe the critical materials (melting) temperature, otherwise, they can get a melt without any artistic value of metal and glass balls.
oven temperature is generally set at 1450 degrees Fahrenheit (800 degrees Celsius), but also a slight adjustment for cofiring group of materials.
In this case, the division made in translucent enamel glaze selected different designed process, giving the work a lot of details that bring us various effects of color and texture.
Straw is another tool for the work of the division fake rolex china level of the rich and detailed enamel.
Craftsman special gold foil stamping (rolling at a very thin gold foil), and therefore thin straw attached to the bottom of the enamel surface.
Aurea is a relative of a very thin sheet of gold (22 / 24K), sixth thickness of only standard writing paper! With this stamping process in hand, the division just a little push hard enamel with gold leaf, they need to be able to obtain a decorative effect.
It should be noted that these very fragile gold leaf, rolex replica watches china enamel so use a very thin division, capable of adsorbing brush gold leaf work in the area.
Then gently press straw, making close to the surface coated with enamel.
Then work again in baking, so straw and enamel permanently fused.
Please note that these birds seem to fly in the clouds before, but not in the cloud.
Such dial filigree enamel of the sublime is probably true little masterpiece, classic, timeless, for you to enjoy at any time.
In this case, we filigree crafts, carving through the colorful surface of the bonding effect of the use of the substrate fake rolex watches are the main features of the work, high contrast, high definition, so that birds in and around the scene to life.
Artistic and personal taste of the teacher enamel, realism, abstract or surrealist imagination is, and for glass, metal and unique artistic perception of heat, can make you a perfect masterpiece called “enamel watermark, “the.

China Replica Watches ?

Palladium Palladium Case About ?€ Palladium (Palladium):China Replica Watches element symbol Pd, is one of the platinum group elements.
1803 by the British chemist Wollaston found in the separation of ?€?platinum.
It is similar to platinum, with excellent features, will not oxidize and lose their luster in air at normal, is an abnormal value of the precious metal resources.
History of platinum group metals palladium – a metal among the “Noble House” china replica watchesPalladium is the 1803 British chemist, physicist Wollaston first successfully isolated from the crude out of platinum, palladium then began to have their own The name Palladium.
The name comes from the 1802?€ newly discovered asteroid sun Pallas-Athena.
It was a star to commemorate ancient Greek mythology, Athena, goddess of wisdom and technology planet.
Palladium features palladium, a platinum group element symbol Pd, appearance similar to platinum, silver-white metallic luster, vivid color.
The proportion of 12 lighter than platinum, scalability and strong.
Melting point 1555 ℃, hardness 4-4.5, slightly harder than platinum.
Chemical properties more stable, insoluble in organic acids ?€, cold sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, but dissolved in nitric acid and aqua regia, under normal and difficult to oxidation and dull.
The density of one cubic centimeter of palladium is 12.023 grams.
Athens Palladium watch case palladium jewelry?China Rolex Replica palladium relatively stable to acid erosion.
Palladium almost no impurities, high purity.
Pure palladium also very suitable for the skin, because it contains various impurities within other metals ?€ , palladium does not cause allergic skin reactions, the international jewelry industry began platinum palladium process to make it as jewelry and decorative art purposes, and gradually form fashion trend.
Palladium has excellent physical and chemical properties, high temperature, corrosion, abrasion and with a strong stretch, the purity, rarity and durability, and platinum can replace each other, either alone or making jewelry precious stone, called the best material.
Palladium jewelery beauty, from the ancient Greeks rich romantic temperament and classical fashion ??€ life style, so that people enjoy the beauty.
It is pure, beauty, wisdom, replica rolex watches eternal symbol.
As the composition of the material nature, chemical and palladium by British physicist Wollaston separated from crude platinum in 1803.
Due to the similarity of their nature and Pt, the first people to palladium ?€ as platinum jewelry one of elements.
Until recently it was as a main element in the production of jewelry.
Palladium charm precious, pure, eternal! Palladium is one of the world’s rarest precious metal content in the earth’s crust is about one one-billionth, than a lot of gold to be scarce.
Only a few countries of the world Russia and South Africa produce ?€?annual gold output of less than 5 ‰.
Also rare than platinum.
Palladium abnormal tough, jewelry made of palladium is not only ?€ charming glory?Fake Rolex Chinaplatinum-like naturalness, and withstand years of sharpening, look as new.
Palladium almost no impurities, high purity, shining white light.
Palladium purity is also very suitable for the skin, it does not cause skin irritation.
Palladium and other white metal distinction white gold (Whitegold), also known as K platinum, which is an alloy of gold and the other is made of white metal alloying later.
Its codename WG (WhiteGold), which is the meaning of the white gold.
White K gold jewelry commonly “18K Gold” or “14K Gold” and expressed.
Platinum (Platnum) symbol Pt, silver gray, the proportion of 21.35, melting point 170 ℃, ?Mohs hardness 4-4.5 degrees, chemically stable, in addition to aqua regia acid corrosion from outside.
Relatively soft pure platinum, is added ruthenium, rhodium, palladium and other metals will increase its hardness.
Platinum and platinum alloy refers to other metals, such as palladium, rhodium, yttrium, ruthenium, cobalt, copper and the like.
Despite the hardness of pure platinum than gold, but as a mosaic of ?Fake Rolex use are not enough, it is necessary with other metal alloys, it can only be used to make jewelry.
Platinum jewelry international word mark is Pt, Plat or Platinum, and purity of the figures ?€?represent the micrometer, such as Pt900 represents purity is 900 ‰.
Common platinum jewelry marked with Pt1000, Pt950, ?€ Pt900, Pt850.
Palladium (Palladium) a platinum group, silver, ?€ symbol Pd, lighter than platinum, scalability and strong, slightly harder than platinum, insoluble in organic acids, cold sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, but dissolved in nitric acid and aqua regia.
Under normal is not easy oxidation and dull.

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But the good.
Quartz watches in the 1970s fake rolex watches for sale free shipping surging, in the watch industry set off a huge revolution, “founding” the impact of frequent movement, actually disappeared in the changing room.
Fortunately, the’ll find a watchmaker surviving blueprints, according to this blueprint, Zenith finally reproduce hosting the Games in 1984 to make “founding” movement!
Newborn three calendar “founding” movement to a brilliant debut shocked the entire watch industry.
While internal movement contains 354 precision parts, 41 screws and 31 stone, with unparalleled precision performance, and can be pressed with the magnetic field sudden attack.
In general, after the general assembly movement is completed, we need 10 different lubricant is at least 50 parts joints lubricated, and the three calendar “founding” movement plywood part you need to master only 38 components treated as such.

Look at its production process and time: three calendar “founding” Every mechanical movement are subject to 5-50 steps need 50 rolling gear machining programs on the dial, you need 77 rolls tooth machining program on plywood; If the production of a single movement, usually using at least 18 different metal materials, to mobilize replica rolex watches?at least 20 watchmakers, focus on this day after day, While this intricate three calendar “founding” consumed whole movement Zenith When watchmakers nine months to be considered success!
“Founding” movement in the watch industry limelight, but Zenith portrait interpretation is not over yet.
10 years later, another ultra-thin movement “Essence Elite” on again! The ultra-thin movement of 3.28 mm thickness, only the “founding” of the half, but at the moment, meaning thin refining, which means Fengrui.
Zenith numerous metal components in the geometry, the precision and fake rolex watches for sale?reliability invisible mosaic in, and follow the French for “the essence, the elite,” meaning the “Elite” word to name it.
“Essence” live up to expectations, glory in the first 10 years, “founding” after – won Baselworld “Best mechanical movement!”
Three dazzling works like a wonderful passionate movement three big, all the way elected as a recognized, for making precise “treasures” Zenith.
Slender tiny parts, chic form, there is no trace of polish, column wheel support center, a high level of lubrication technology, elegant and functional appearance of the fusion of several generations of master brainchild.
Yun Xuan combination of gears is always at its best, quite true when the system will never go to replica rolex watches for sale?define precise and reliable, cherish every time, keep time table fans will at first sight it was deeply moved.
In the world’s top watch, many brands are emphasizing their own history of how long and how well watchmaking skills, how stylish exterior design, followers how grace and elegance.
Compare with Panerai seems out of place: the birth year because it was unable to par with the brand family; because of military background, it missed the royal palace categorically; because simple eye-catching, it not take the world of fashion modeling.
If it can be placed under the background of the deep blue sea, I am afraid only navigation table’s first brand Athens can be compared with it.
Athens accompanied by numerous navigators passing storm, the achievements of the maritime history of the legendary timepiece, while in the 2490 Panerai </a> diving depth slightly better.
Coupled with the film star Sylvester Stallone’s wonderful interpretation, this robust diving flamboyant hero and making a lot of stunning male atmosphere.
After the first time in collaboration with the Italian Navy, Panerai accompany groups of warriors risk their lives in the two world wars.
During World War II, this glorious name appears once again concerned about military armaments.
2495 aligncenter “title =” Panerai 1950 Tourbillon GMT Tourbillon Limited, waterproof 100 meters,replica rolex watches for sale in the usa limited production 100 “alt =” Panerai 1950 Tourbillon GMT Tourbillon Limited, waterproof 100 meters, limited production 100 2014/02/002124295288 “/>
December 28, 1941, the Italian Navy sent six agents night dive, a successful surprise attack British naval fleet in Alexandria.
At the time, these agents of factors in addition to the victory secret warfare, the perfect accoutrements also played a significant role.
They dressed in black tights,fake rolex watches advanced equipment is advanced in the sea thanks to the two wrist, namely diving watch and compass.
According to the plan, the agents have to rely on the compass indicating the exact position, within a predetermined time British naval torpedo provided below, if the dive time is too long, oxygen bottle will be enough oxygen, so they need to be floating on the surface of time counted.
Now if the compass and dive watch any errors are likely to fall short.
However, two precision instrument did not make the Italian army disappointed, six agents in the specified location, specify the time successfully sneaked into the bottom of the British battleship, complete device detonated bombs also adjusted the time.
However, their luck did not last long, six agents when leaving exhaustively capture by the British patrol.

China Replica Rolex, Cartier, Omega is worthy of the king

This top ten brands,China Replica Rolex, Cartier, Omega is worthy of the king, the output can reach 500,000 level.
Rolex see this very powerful figure, my mind has surfaced repeatedly said the sentence: “Rolex is greater than production, prices could not sell his house; the price is higher than the Rolex, not sell his house production. ”
Rolex, but also because it’s a very magical one million production scale still maintain strong brand made for the author in mind the price competitiveness of departure from the industry, “the first brand.”
Cartier, Rolex behind this is a “phenomenon” class brand.
Cartier blue balloon, tanks, Santos and other classic styling series are very hot.
I believe that this is the time of middle-income people buy Replica Rolex?table generally recognized brand.
Each brand has its own unique style of representative products, modeling is generally high degree of recognition.
Core product lines are focused on fashion wear, diving and other areas of greater demand.
The focus of the product line is this third tranche of the difference between the brand and the former two tranches, the first two tranches will still prefer to showcase the brand or the fine grinding of the complex process of high-end products.
Average price between 8000-15000 brands, including: Montblanc, Breitling, Replica Rolex watches Bucherer, Hermes, TAG Heuer, Bell & Ross, Tudor, Oris, Longines 1120 </a>, celebrities.
Here the author, Mr. Linz offers Breitling brand with annual sales of cognitive author had a wide gap.
If the author prior to analysis (yield 250 000), then the average price of about Hoya equivalent of about 9,000 yuan.
Mr. Linz data analysis Hermes I also have reservations about (the average price seems to be around 20,000, sales should not be more than 50,000).
This level is an ordinary working-class shopping list of the key areas of consumption, there is no doubt of the Swatch Group, Longines and LVMH Group, TAG Heuer is the biggest market winner.
Another dimension is thinking, I always paranoid that one billion yuan of income is truly worthy of the name brands in the watch industry threshold.
At present, China’s King of the table, FIYTA other brands with annual sales amount has reached the level of 5-8 million.
Because the purchase price to the current media, a brand if it is not one billion yuan of income, there is not much ability to persistent branding and promotion.
So we look at a chart, statistics price between $ 1,000 -18,000 yuan, the sales amount of more than 10 million brand (also happens to ten …).
I personally feel in this price range, what is the price elasticity of demand for 3000 or 7000 in fact, the consumer is not great.
So in order to be able to earn an annual average price of 2000 yuan Tissot 6.9 billion yuan, of course, Fake Rolex China ?will be regarded as a strength of the brand.
A brand can be several billion dollars of revenue, in the subsequent maintenance of the product development and market revenue will be less than $ 1 billion higher brand stronger control force.
And love the table purchased by consumers, and its follow-up maintenance and response time of the wear, and even value preservation are clearly a great relationship with the brand’s overall investment capacity.
The above analysis of each file in order to maintain dozens of brands of “unity” and is very arbitrary.
After all, this is only a superficial understanding Bucai according to their own arrangement of a digital game made it, I hope you can get some Xinmingyanliang Tell me what useful information on their own in which the author misfortune.
This article is taken from “talk about well-known watch brand production and sales figures,” Benbow minor changes.

How to Buy a Fake Rolex in China?

In the early How to Buy a Fake Rolex in China?antique pocket watch or a watch, sometimes found playing small and large pieces nearly imprint, which is the alternative interest collections.
Branding on the precious metal, is technical, but also an art, watches made of precious metals, in the old days when it is very valuable items, is a favorite of dignitaries, but also a symbol of power, status and wealth.
Mark representing different regions and countries of the product, also left some evidence for age verification, in order to confirm the true origin of the precious metals and precious metal articles purity, so officials developed a set of standards, substandard products, must be printed , to take responsibility.
Thus, different mark different hidden secrets imprint itself is a sign, which is the main purpose mark.
& Nbsp;
Longines watches with its elegant location, many styles, Fake Rolex in China?diverse prices, Swiss-made Chinese brand, has become China’s consumers watch their preferred brand.
Because it has a huge consumer groups, so that those imitation of the table pervasive everywhere, but also to buy a Longines who is suffering big brain.
In order for us to be able to buy the genuine watch, I specifically identified knowledge tidied Longines.
One from the box Longines watch box identified generally have two elongated and rectangular, which are light yellow leather, opening side has a printed LOGO LONGINES the mahogany bar, the workmanship is very good, LOGO is convex.
Square meter box thing a sponge, very delicate, leather, size and groove exactly match.
Box below the table, there is a small drawer, square leather watch box is Fake Rolex China?a small box, the box is a long list of small paper box.
There are more than one language instructions, manuals and finally there is a folder global warranty card.
Two from the invoice invoices identified domestic stores I can not say here.
In Europe, no matter where you shop, the amount is the amount of small Fake Rolex?stores will print a receipt from the cashier to the customer, which is required by law.
Therefore, under normal circumstances, a little goes shopping voucher is your receipt, request an invoice if so, many small shops and not immediately give you an invoice, to wait for them to hire a CPA to open, so that if tourists then, because of time, it may not get the invoice.
But if you want to use to see the invoice to identify the authenticity of goods, with some difficulty, not every foreign businesses will print the name on the receipt of goods, many of which are represented by Item In addition, because of the language problem, you items listed on the receipt is not clear what you purchased.
Europe invoices, in accordance with the law, to set out the dealer’s name, tax number, company address, invoice date, invoice number, the name of goods sold and number, the amount of goods, the tax rate, the total amount, as well as buyers name and other information.
And domestic VAT invoices is very similar.
If the above information is not fully reflected in the invoice, then it is definitely a problem.
If an individual purchases, generally stating the name (pinyin form), if settled in Europe, it will have a personal tax number, this should be stated on the invoice.
Finally, note that the invoice is generally used to How to Buy a Fake Rolex?deduct tax, private consumption, in order to be used as proof of purchase receipt, no invoice, generally do not give consumers invoice, unless you have your own registered company or crown with a registered company name and tax number.
Three from identification (code meaning behind Longines) on models where the original authentic brand watches, men’s watches, especially after the case cover engraved watch brands represented useful English, producer name, and abundance of steel or steel, shockproof, anti-magnetic and other markers, and engraved with the watch brands dedicated logo.
Some watches also engraved with some figures indicate the number of the movement and the case number.

Fake Rolex Watches in China – Fake Rolex Made In China

Switzerland also began fake rolex using the mark in the 18th century, Swiss watches in the imprint, not for the year to check it just precious metal fineness guarantee.
The most common country of Switzerland, the goddess who protected side head Helvetia (commonly known as the Queen’s Head, Hong Kong, known as the “Troubles”), on behalf of 18K gold (0.750); 14K gold (0.585) as a marker Ecureuil Squirrel places; both the larger size for width 1.5mm, high 2mm, small width 0.7mmx high 1.2mm.
Switzerland ordered imports from abroad to Bobcats head Lynx (also known as hunting owl) mark, the Bobcats head between the ears to play “a” for the 18K gold, playing the “2” is 14K gold.
10K (0.417), 9K (0.375) than like a sword type, which like a Fake Rolex Watches?flower graphic mark; Platinum Platinum Fake Rolex?(commonly known as pure platinum, abbreviated pt), generally common in jewelry, rarely used in watches), goat head Bouquetin (commonly known as the antelope head) is marked; silver fineness varies according to the different animals marked, marked lion 0.935, 0.925 (full wages, ie, the most common of the 925, generally are called Silver) marked Canard duck goose, 0.800 to turkey Coqde bruyere (big grouse, generally considered to be domestic turkeys) as markers.
After 1995, the Swiss side began to St. Bernard dog’s head (St.Bernard) as a marker, as long as the precious metal tag, all marked with a St. Bernard dog’s head, only marked difference in the balance of the pt950 pure platinum, silver pt925,18K 750,14K gold 585 gold.
Some cities have individual exclusive test code, such as the more common are: Fake Rolex Watches in China B-Bienne Beane; G-Geneva, Geneva; Cross -Berne (Bern Bear).
Printing in the case, in order to prove the purity of the precious metal content, to prevent counterfeiting, and is responsible for the general case appeared in several metropolitan mark, for example: the word Queen’s Head, trademarks, and 0.750 or 18K; Crown trademarks, and 0.585 or 14K words.
This is stipulated published January 1, 1888 precious metal purity law, all precious metals must be printed, to take responsibility.

Swiss mark on the case more stringent requirements, Fake Rolex Made In China in addition to the Queen’s head inside after the bottom mark on the side in case there is a small mark the Queen’s head, usually on the lugs, some symmetry play two brand, There are three hit the scales, Queen’s Head, 18K, etc.
Thin mechanical watch mostly hit the mark on the side lugs in the case most of the play in the 6:00, 9:00 and 12 o’clock position, but also hit the nearby crown.
Under normal conditions, K Swiss gold watch at least two more Queen’s Head.
Some of the case is severe polished, so the case could not find the side Queen’s Head, at the bottom there is only one brand.
In the push-back, often can not find the Queen’s Head, is accused bottom suppress and invisible.
Some mark the defendant hit the slant radian of the case, thus showing incomplete Queen’s Head, is often mistaken for the defendant collated.
In fact, there are a lot of hand-made watches will often appear.
Queen’s Head and the scales have blurred or only half a case of Rolex Made In China?Queen’s Head.
I have seen a few very expensive watch is the case, people lamented the modern handmade table, seems as antique table so hard.
Instead, those mass-produced watches, may be more sophisticated processing equipment, without excessive dependence on manual, so mark very clear and perfect, is the best genuine fake watch and identification basis.