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Follow accordance with international practice, movement diameter less than 37 mm chronograph instrument, called the replica watches of the copy watches china.
The creation and production of watches are based on a simple invention and witty, this is the “spring”, it can strengthen and store energy, but the energy is released slowly, in order to promote the functioning of the device and the pointer inside the watch to display a function of rolex replica watches time, this spring means inside the watch is called the main spring (Mainspring)
Tahitian black pearls black pearls from Tahiti (Tahiti, also known as cartier replica watches china Tahitian black pearls) production belong coral atolls in the South Pacific Islands, Polynesia Mejia law.
Nacre is a black secrete nacre black shell lip.
Black Pearl Beauty lies in the different colors of the weather on his tone completely black, the most appreciated is the peacock, concentrated purple, navy and other colors of the rainbow, its strong metallic luster and changes with rotation of the bead away from the other beads color change can be compared.
General of the Black Pearl 8-16 mm in diameter.
From round to pear-shaped or annular band.
This pearl traditionally known as black pearls, but their variety of colors consists of metallic silver – color pencil.
In this series of color, they are also accompanied by the refraction of light in different colors projectors (Overtones), such as green, purple or blue thick navy blue.
Because titanium boom in the steel watch, titanium gradually leads emerge.
The metal material is called “air time.”
What is titanium? Titanium is found in the crust of the earth, china replica watches and its appearance can be bright shiny metal or silver, dark gray powder.
The Titanium is a disc, heat, cold light metal, the oxide film surface layer to prevent wear and corrosion.
Movement mechanical movement with manual winding hand, the watch by turning the head, the complete chain on the watch movement in the primary winding, the spring is completely exhausted after running the gears, push the pointer to go.
Mechanical watch error range of