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Audemars Piguet Replica’s Bold New Collection

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Audemars Piguet Replica Watches has done an abrupt about-face from its iconic design codes with the introduction of the 11.59. The new collection has 13 references, including five complications and three new calibers, one of which is a long-awaited integrated chronograph.

Unlike the much-loved Cheap Audemars Piguet Replica Royal Oak collection, the 11.59 is minimalist, with a clean dial. Longtime lovers of the iconic sporty, chunky, angular, ’70s-designed Royal Oak may be disappointed, but those of us longing for something a little sleeker and wearable from this brand welcome the 11.59, which represents a bold move in the other direction.

The very narrow bezel makes the case look larger than its 41 mm size, and gives a wide expanse to the dial, resulting in an open, minimalist look. A refined Arabic font – derived from one used on an AP minute repeater from the 1940s – and ultra-slim hands add to the pared down vibe. Time/date has a white or black lacquer dial, Replica Watches China while the tourbillon and minute repeater have blue enamel dials and the chronograph, a blue or black enamel dial.

The perpetual calendar has an aventurine glass dial, a material often used on ladies’ watches. The Cheap Replica Watches Automatic version is 10.7 mm thick, so it’s reasonably slim, and the case architecture is unusual. From the top, it looks round, but the middle case is octagonal, with both polished and matte finishes that emphasize the angles. The openworked lugs are attached to the bezel.

Monochrome Essentials The Patek Philippe Replica Perpetual Calendar Retrograde

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In addition to the surprises of the annual calendar chronograph 5960/1, our monochrome watch introduces you to the new Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph in a wide range of practical articles. 5990 / 1A, GéraldGenta design of the complex version of the icon. However, even with this recent steel trend, we should not forget that Cheap Patek Philippe Replica expertise is wearing and complicated watches. From the 2014 collection, in particular attracted our attention, Patek Philippe 5496P-014 permanent calendar retrograde, its new “honey brown” dial and unique layout can be described as in another very traditional world “control eccentric”.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches is not a real “new” watch, as it has been presented at the 2011 Basel Fair with a white dial. In addition, the movement and its very unusual layout is not specific to this reference, because the Caliber 324S QR has been powered by 5159. The latter is, to some extent, one of the most “refined” watches in the Patek Philippe Collection. It comes with an official case, a Cartesian dial with a large Roman figure and an unusual hand. In 2011, the first edition of 5496P was this much softer version of the layout, its Calatrava case and “pure” dial design. For 2014, Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) restored the usual slightly reserved fashion – a bit eccentric, a warm and pleasant color, Philippe Replica Watches called “my dear brown”.

The dial layout itself can be viewed as an “unusual way” for Patek Philippe watches because we are accustomed to seeing the Patek Philippe calendar three small caps, such as the iconic reference 5140. Do not forget that we are talking about brand building around tradition and classicalism. In another younger brand, completely lacking ingenuity will be considered one of the most conservative – the best vocabulary – the manufacturer. Cheap Replica Watches does not create Ukrainian MB & Fs. It is fine and classical watches, elegant and sober. So, in a sense, this layout is not so conservative.

In the lower part of the dial sitting moon phase indicator, with a blue disc, silver printing for the moon and stars. The instructions for the permanent calendar are displayed in three holes: 9 o’clock day, 3 o’clock, 12 o’clock leap year. The Cheap Patek Philippe Replica date is indicated by the retrograde hand, pointing to the scale between 7:00 and 4:00. The time of the classic display is by the palm of your hand on the center of the dial.

A History of the Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watch

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Patek Philippe’s first pioneer is Antoine Norbert Patek Philippe. On May 1, 1839, he laid the cornerstone for the work of the legendary life, and created his own watchmaker in the name of Patek, Czapek & Co. Here, the first Patek Philippe pocket watch was born; after that, Cheap Replica Watches began producing about 200 kinds of high-quality pocket watch every year. On May 15, 1845, Patek & Co. Was founded and headquartered in Geneva, with the new partner Jean Adrien Philippe, who became the technical director of the company. By Philippe’s creative promotion, from 1845 onwards, the company began to produce their own design of the watchmaking machinery. Senior businessman Patek Philippe and pioneering watchmaker Cheap Patek Philippe Replica cooperation is the beginning of the Patek Philippe watch company, we know.

In 1846, Tiffany wanted to own Patek Philippe pocket watch. After dinner in New York’s Patek Philippe, Tiffany in the next few years, appointed Patek Philippe as the main pocket watch supplier. In the history of Patek Philippe, many famous people become the watch enthusiasts. For example, in 1915, Einstein Einstein ordered Patek Philippe watches.
Stern brothers, Charles and Jean, entered the picture in 1932. They came to Patek Philippe in the gloomy days of the Great Depression. Patek Philippe Replica Watches China was lucky because the company quickly regained its position under new management. Stern brothers put in a lot of innovation, and the watch manufacturers to move forward.
In today’s still leading the Patek Philippe Replica Watches family, the company has seen many developments and innovations. In this era, several iconic watches, such as Patek Philippe Calatrava, Nautilus and large complications, debut. Brand won a number of awards, and continued into quality control and technology. Patek Philippe watches by many people think that the peak of the Swiss luxury watchmaking is not unreasonable. In this family business, committed to the tabulation business from generation to generation to pass on.