New Cheap Panerai Replica Watches Launched

This was last week in Hong Kong “Panerai watch” in 1940 Radiomir roadshow, the introduction of four new models. The Radiomir 1940 embodies the purity and simplicity of the original Cheap Panerai Replica design, its non-corrugated, highly clear sandwich dial and signature cushions shell.

The new lineup star is Radiomir 1940 3 days automatic, a smaller, more slender steel model, compared to the typical 45mm and 47mm size. Due to the eccentric miniature rotor, despite the automatic movement, it has been reduced to a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of only 10.93 mm. PAM00620 contains automatic caliber P.4000, hit at 4 Hz, and the binoculars are 72 hours powered. Sapphire crystal case reveals the same bridge as the dial, a simple drawing surface and a large bridge, covering almost half of the movement, making it particularly strong. Due to its high density, the micro rotor is made of tungsten steel. Dial is also pure Panerai Replica, its sandwich structure, 9 o’clock small seconds timer, base points have large hour markers and numbers. The shell is made of AISI 316L stainless steel, especially corrosion resistant metal. All the surface has a dress watch high polished. Waterproof to 100 meters.

Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 days to narrow the size of 42 mm measurements, hand-held caliber P.1000, are rose gold and steel. The steel version has a striking green strap, with a green Cheap Replica Watches Super-LumiNova color on the sandwich dial.
Like Panerai signed a large number of purists and more decorations, will appreciate 45mm Panerai’s Radiomir 1940 10 Days GMT Automatic Oro Rosso. It contains the first skeleton of the Panerai automatic movement, Caliber P.2003 / 10. The bridge and the bucket are chamfered and polished, and the outer edge of the rotor is engraved with Replica Watches. The dial retains the classic simplicity of the Radiomir, although the additional features include a date window, day / night indicator, linear power -reserve light, small second hand and second time zone – indicated by a central arrow. There are three barrels of movement that offer 10 days of power reserve.

P.1000 and P.2003 / 10 caliber all contain a second reset function, when pulling out the crown, the second hand can be zero seconds. P.2003 / 10 has such a mechanism that allows the local time to jump one hour and time before and after the adjustment, and will not stop the Replica Watches Onsale minute hand or interfere with the operation of the watch. It will automatically adjust the date.

The large pieces of the show are Radiomir 1940 Tourbillon GMT Oro Rosso, Replica Watches China Lo Scienziato series of 48mm tablets. The collection tribute to the genius of Galileo, the medieval astronomer is committed to the development of isochronous law. It contains a hand-wounded Caliber P.2005 / S, with a 30-second Tourbillon escapement that rotates on a vertical axis rather than balancing the Cheap Panerai Replica balance wheel with a striking visual effect. The movement is skulled and blackened, and both on the dial side and through the back are visible. These barrels are also skulls, revealing the main hair – both visible in front and one in the back. Hour markers and numbers are fixed directly on the black flange. It will be produced in a limited series of 30 pieces.

A New Milestone Of Cheap Panerai Replica

Cheap Panerai Replica and the company will be in Florence, Italy, the birthplace of the city to open “Panerai: diving time” exhibition, show the company’s history. The show will also flaunt the new generation of Panerai Radiomir 1940 Minute Repeater Carillon tourbillon Greenwich Standard Time, which is the most complex Panerai watch.

Panerai Radiomir 1940 minutes repeater Carillon Tourbillon GMT-49mm is distinguished by its rare “double” minute forwarding mechanism that can be set to local time or second time zone ringtones. Like many special edition Panerai Replica Watches models, this complexity is inspired by the history of branding and navigational navigation – that is, the use of bells to sound the history of sailing traditions to mark the passage of time. This bell sounded the necessary daily role in the morning, provoking the call of the crew, summoning the sailors to eat, indicating the end of a gatekeeper’s change, and warned of some danger, for example, the sight of another ship was fogged. The bell of the watch echoes the old bell of the ship.

The special movement of the watch is Caliber P.2005 / MR, manual winding, hollow caliber with high-end minute repeater mechanism, and Cheap Replica Watches Panerai’s iconic Tourbillon Regulator. The company is the Swiss company Nashatail produced four years of research and development products, completely completed in the internal.
The treading mechanism is activated by an 8 o’clock pusher, with three hammers hitting the three gongs fixed on the movement and the shell. Panerai chose three hammers instead of the traditional two, allowing three different combinations of sounds to produce more melodies, bell-shaped bells. As in a more traditional repeater, the first gong of identifying time is the lowest, and the last one shows the highest per minute gong.

However, this Replica Watches China adds a second medium tone gong stereo triple ringtone, which is equivalent to ten minutes apart, not the traditional fifteen minutes.
In addition to helping the sound of the watch, the skeleton movement makes the owner appreciate its many details. The watch itself does not have a dial: all traditional dial components are mounted directly on the movement or flange, engraved with Panerai Replica words. Through a sapphire display base, a small hammer that can catch a minute repeater; two spring buckets that store at least four days of power reserve; and a mobile power reserve indicator. Caliber P.2005 / MR consists of more than 633 components, including 59 jewelry, the frequency of 28,800 vph. Bar mark and hour numbers painted Super-LumiNova. In this case waterproof to 30 meters. Strap is stitched crocodile skin.

“Panerai Sea: Diving Time” exhibition is held from 18 May to 21 May 2016 in the basement of San Pancrazio, a historic underground vault in the center of Florence. The basement There is also the city of Marino Marini Museum. It will not be seen before the different periods of the Panerai history, including the early innovations of the Cheap Panerai Replica family in the field of optics and mechanics, from the 1930s to the 1950s for the creation of the Royal Italian Navy watch, from modern Richemont Panorama Panerai watch has an era preview, as well as more selection of new models of the world.

2015 Hong Kong China Watch and marvel new exhibition — Panerai watches reviews

Preface Introduction:
The 2015 Hong Kong China Replica Watches and marvel exhibition, Pei that sea of ??new research and development of new models tend to plain simple and complex function is no longer a focus, which Radiomir 1940 as the Great focus, brand new specially created ?? the 3rd chain P.1000 manual winding movement, and for the first time with Green Band show in the world. And another big brand product line Luminor surprise is that the new DLC (Fangzuan crystalline carbon) coating process, which I personally like California faces new Luminor 1950.

Here we bring you watch Pei focus on that sea of ??Hong Kong Watch Fair this introduction.

RADIOMIR 1940 Product Line:

2015 Hong Kong Watch and wonder — Pei exhibition that reviews new watch sea
1. Stunning color RADIOMIR 1940 3 DAYS ACCIAIO – 42 mm3 power reserve stainless steel watch PAM00574
Pei a great pleasure that the sea is to play table fans strap, made of various materials brings to the table a variety of color to their clothes Xiao Pei change in recent years, the brand also accepted the play, launched a variety of colors bracelet Pei that sea surface, but green strap is the first time available for sale, just with Pei sea green luminous color that is consistent, to get started very pretty, 42 mm of steel the size of a girl to wear the best looking.
2015 Hong Kong Watch and wonder — Pei exhibition that reviews new watch sea
While still in its internal RADIOMIR 1940 special new self-produced movement P.1000, which are pieces of manual movement, the power advantage is three days, over the weekend it is practical (economic crisis lethality is really great, all the brands Steering practical, it is estimated three or four years will not see the new movement for more than 8 days 10 days how much power a), Pei home there before the 8th chain after the 10th-winding movement technology, the 3rd chain development is not difficult, reducing a barrel, shorter spring should be on the line.

PAM00574 domestic price 53,600 yuan, slightly higher than my expectations ten thousand, and if given a 44,000 yuan absolute fit to start.

2015 Hong Kong Watch and wonder — Pei exhibition that reviews new watches sea replica
2. RADIOMIR 1940 3 DAYS ORO ROSSO – 42 mm3 power reserve red gold watch PAM00575, which is 574 replaced the red gold steel case and bracelet naturally had to be black, and the other related to the same 574, priced 128,300 yuan I would huh up. Pei fans into its own stuff.

2015 Hong Kong Watch and wonder — Pei exhibition that reviews new watch sea
3. Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic 3-day power reserve automatic watch (PAM00620)
The same is the 3rd movement, but it is here and automatic movement P.4000, it is not a new movement, have been available for years, the micro switch Tuo chain structure can be done on the 3rd chain or a good drop, 620 novelty is that it is a Radiomir 1940 series, the first case diameter of 42 mm automatic watch, but because it is an automatic movement, a lot more expensive than the price on 574 for 70,500 yuan — Here you can see P.1000 The value of the bar.

2015 Hong Kong Watch and wonder — Pei exhibition that reviews new watch sea
4. RADIOMIR 1940 10 DAYS GMT AUTOMATIC ORO ROSSO -45 mm 10-day power reserve two time automatic red gold watch PAM00624 PAM00625
This is a two-winding watch ten days, Pei is that sea to the previously announced P.2003 / 10 movement is first loaded Radiomir series, movement with date display, GMT dual time function and power reserve of up to 10 days , and the first appearance of an elegant skeleton version.

5. This series of natural and ultimately, complex models, Panerai replica watches china new “Lo Scienzato” Radiomir 1940 TourbillonGMT Oro Rosso – 48