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Ceramic ceramic case of manufacture: high-tech ceramics manufacturing process is a very fine zirconia powder, the powder after high pressure injection mold, over a thousand degrees Celsius sintering furnace temperature to form a scratch-resistant ceramic pieces and then polished with diamond powder made before.
Thus, either the powder metallurgy.
Case Bracelet Watch with ceramic materials, none comes as RADO radar.
Also, watch the radar also said to be “high-tech ceramics (HIGH-TECHCERAMICS)” and “Space Materials,” which ensures product line bow, silver and diamonds, ceramic precision, monolithic ceramics, star Sairuikesi therefore the use of a ceramic package and a bracelet.
Advantages ceramic case: the surface is very smooth,How to buy a Replica Rolex Watches ?in China in particular wear-resistant, physically stable, acidic, corrosion-resistant, does not change color laundering, the quality is very light, and pollution.
It does not hurt the skin, while the stainless steel bracelet case that nickel, nickel on human skin is not good, many people will allergies.
Ceramic case Cons: edges and corners not very clear case or strap form of midwinter essentially inflated; easily broken, afraid of the fight and the bump fear.
The gap between the strap section is too large series of diamond, particularly silver, and his connection bracelet and case (Section I) splits in the beautiful wearer’s wrist position is particularly evident.
In this case, not a beautiful, two things are likely to go dirty.
For more details, please click the watch case material: stainless steel case: Case replica157.html gold rolex: rolex replica27.html case of platinum: replica28.html rolex pink gold case: rolex housing stainless steel replica75.html: replica156 rolex .html titanium case: rolex gold case replica158.html: rolex plated case replica159.html: rolex Case replica160.html Palladium replica26.html rolex

Gold Gold rolls by mechanical force or high temperature welding, the method of thin gold foil bags or K gold or silver metal carcass surfaces.
Typically used for larger accessories, such as gold rings, gold bracelets.
Currently on the market there are many imports from gold jewelry abroad

Cartier Replica Watches?

The famous “Armani?€ watches have used this waterproof?€ structure fake Cartier Price??.
Specifications General waterproof watch waterproof specification is divided into the following categories??: 30 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters?€, 300 meters, 500 meters.
30 meters: refers to the general living water is splashed droplets?? when washing hands, and when the rain drizzle falling, but attention can not be too long, can not be worn in the sauna.
50 meters: 30 meters and no difference can be ignored.
100 meters: you can take him wash??, shower, but not soaked in water.
300 meters: for swimming events, but only applicable to shallow swimming.
500 meters: This level can be submerged??, is about 200 meters?cartier replica watches , but do not do it according to a predetermined value, that is what you might watch could bear??, so do not use this method to test the performance table.
Watch into water treatment method: When the watch face water problems, the best watch shop and quickly?€ sent to the movement of oil washing or drying case handled by a professional chef, is best not to take out on their own when not in parts hair dryer, such a move not only did not help, but is easy?? to evaporate moisture remains inside the movement, the problem will become even more serious, there is this habit of friends to be careful of.

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Contact with the wrist watch?? worn watches bottom of the table when the table body part called the caseback.
Caseback purpose of stabilizing the movement??, dust, water and so on, the use of stainless steel.
Bottom of the table is divided into ordinary and through the end.
We watch through the end of the glass commonly used sapphire glass material.
It is assembled with the case in general, there are three ways: 1??, according to the cover: Direct work closely with (the water is poor) and the case.
Press the bottom of the table cover 2??, screw cap: Each rib case and the back cover and tighten (waterproof and strong).
Capping bottom of the table 3, the screw at the end: replica watches china?case and cover with screws (waterproof and strong).
Screw bottom of the table bottom of the table can be divided into categories according to Category?? 2: 1, close the bottom end of the table, which is not visible from the bottom of the table movement inside the bottom of the table?€.
Tight bottom?€ end of the table 2, through the end table at the end, also known as the back through ??the bottom of the table, that is, the movement can be observed through the bottom of the table inside the case, use a sapphire crystal glass to create a bottom of the table.
Through a bottom end

Watch Band is the watch industry on the effective?fake Cartier Price?? ?portion of the fixed wrist watch?€ collectively.
Strap classification precious material 1?€, platinum is a rare and expensive natural pure white metal, precious metal jewelry is one of the world’s rarest, the annual supply?€ of gold is only 5%, with almost twice the gold strength?€, rare than gold 30 times.
Platinum Jin Guangze white??, naturally pure, more than 90% purity, natural, often wear will not fade.
Pt900 represented 90%?? pure platinum jewelry, Pt950 represent 95% purity of platinum jewelery.
Audemars Piguet watch contemporary series 25984PT.OO.1138PT.01 platinum bracelet 2, K?? K gold means gold and other alloy metals are mixed together, because English is the KaratGold, so referred to as K gold.
Precious metal parts, gold is 24K, but not suitable for the production of gold is too soft watches, must be mixed with other metals to strengthen the hardness, generally silver, copper and palladium-based, but no matter what kind of mixed metal, the ratio of gold account for 75% .
As the proportion of gold, silver and copper level, can produce five different color material, respectively, N to represent the high and low copper content, such as the fake cartier price copper content of the highest in 5N?? red gold, said while platinum correct to say that white K gold.
Rolex Day-Date II series 218 238?? gold plate 18K gold bracelet watch?€ 3, among each other with the use of gold from steel and 18K gold or rose gold, presents a unique two-tone beauty.
Inter wave ???series L2.753.5.72.7 watch gold bracelet 4 gold The case is not as precious metals, outsourcing a layer of gold alloy, the mechanical rolling as a whole, its thickness in microns as the unit of measurement, 1 micron is 1/1000 mm.
Up to 10 to 15 microns thick, typically only 2-3 microns.
5 ,, is the modern gold-plated ?€gold-plated watch case common method of decoration??, gilt technical rise in the seventies, because?? the plating is even and firm cost less than gold and is easy to fall off, nor wrought yellow shell color, rust may, so gold will soon be eliminated from the market.
Plum COSMOKING Series 787G-306?? replica watches?gold-plated bracelet watch 6, aspects of silver purity silver, 925?€ is not the highest purity of silver! You can instantly see domestic price of silver, respectively 99.99%, 99.95%, 99.90%, all three transactions purity, these three are too soft, not suitable for jewelry, generally?? made of 92.5% of the most appropriate jewelry (hardness, ductility etc.), so 925 is also called sterling silver.
But not really silver.
“Silver is an old noble metal, the material before the eighteenth century and watch the most used, the purity of 925?? representatives of silver is the highest purity of silver (not the highest purity, it is common for 925-jewelry, 975- – Suitable for tableware, 990, there are more pure – court Note).

Cartier Fake Watches Chinaa

Brass external balance, inner steel Cartier Fake Watches China Onlinea—? , these two metals together by a screw firmly.
This wheel balance on more than a dozen screws edge not only fixation of metals, but also can adjust the steering wheel of the difference.
This design compensates intelligentlya—? gossamer due to temperature changes caused by the rigidity of the amendment, and the rigidity of change not bring a small travel time error.
When the temperature increases, vaporous,replica watches china and balance due to the copper expansion coefficient is greater than steel will shrink inside.
On the other hand, the temperature decreasesa—? , shorter springs, rocker will expand outwardly.
This design continued until the end of Invar invention.
This sophisticated design usually more common among a—? ?“marine chronometer”, while the astronomical clock, but with a wound cylindrical springs, commonly called “spider bucket.”
Barrel Production gossamer is very difficult, but the benefits of this gossamer obviously bring – can be greatly reduced by the tour Sishu Zhang difference different heart.
But these are not generally used to watch a—? ?mobile gossamer, because it takes too much volume, a well-dressed gentleman, but he put the pocket watch drum capsule capsule of large, which is not really elegant.
By the 18th century, Colombia has more absolute advantage on the watch, another projection army – watch France also occupies a seat position.
A familiar gurus M. Breguet.
He solved the Gossamer Gossamer different heart and a bucket size too big question: Cartier Fake Watches?Breguet Shangrao gossamer.
(The photo shows the traditional a—? ?Breguet balance spring around the drawing) gossamer advantage of this is that it solves two problems: gossamer spirit, it is small.
More original Breguet spring of Shangrao part is a straight line (above) a—? cartier replica watches ?and later with the different variants, which canceled this line, but the function is complete.
As for Mr. Breguet to solve this phenomenon exists difference whirlwind invented the story here is not elaborate.
But here it should be noted that not only solved the problem of Mr. Breguet concentric problem everyone for years.
Lu Seer (Lossier) springs also have the same purpose, although it does not focus on concentric to solve the problem, according to information now only discussa—? this invention, the main spiral Breguet balance solution sensitive to shock and piles problems.
(In the interior have a different course and other close sources within the first curve) 1896a—? Swiss physicist Charles Edouard Guillaume (CEGuillaume) invented alloy, this alloy magnetic temperature is significantly reduced habitat cartier replica watches china in the vicinity of where the point of thermal expansion a—? coefficient, the so-called phenomenon of abnormal thermal expansion (negative anomaly), which may in the near ambient temperature over a wide temperature range, a low, or even close to zero coefficient of expansion, the composition of this alloy is 64% Fe and 36% Ni, and my heart was face side structure, the 4J36 grade, its Chinese name is Cartier Fake Watches China Online, the English name Invar alloy ( Invar), which means a constant volume.
This remarkable scientific contribution to progress alloy is so big, so its discoverer (Guillaume Swiss physicist) for this gain in 1920 of the Nobel Prize for physics in history, it is the first and only scientist because of results a metallurgical and honor.
The invention was quickly applied to clocks inside, cut bimetallic balance has become history, because the gossamer penduluma—? Invar alloy does not need to compensate for temperature changes.
(This balance also left for trimming potentiometer screw balance in body, but was used Invar alloy) discovered people gradually get rid of the balance wheel to heavy screws, the frequency can be increased at unprecedented speed, swing Back light again to the people, and the fake frequency of the record is constantly refreshed fake cartier china, from the original 1 \ 2 seconds,a—? 1 \ 4 seconds, in the little time spent to 1 \ 1/6 \ 1/8 \ unbelievable 10 1 \ 100 seconds! The accuracy of the timepiece is again increased.
Old light placed swing modern light, is also an interesting cycle.
But now the pendulum with compensation and quietly returned by Patek Philippe invention of the pendulum weight, was favored by the High Table.
This balance spiral with the free general use, enjoy free spiral is not the traditional?a—? tour Szymborska children, there is no error gap between the springs and clips Results sports, in addition to the displacement caused by collisions accidental cause errors phenomenon catches also completely eliminated.
The balance weight through the unbalance control the balance and inertia inside a—? ?and outside wheel to set the pace purposes.
ap UHF beam structure, and use the weight balance to improve the stiffness of the springsa—? and compensating flat balance of the difference, the use of a true double springs! (Weight Balance Lange.)

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Palladium Palladium Case About ?€ Palladium (Palladium):China Replica Watches element symbol Pd, is one of the platinum group elements.
1803 by the British chemist Wollaston found in the separation of ?€?platinum.
It is similar to platinum, with excellent features, will not oxidize and lose their luster in air at normal, is an abnormal value of the precious metal resources.
History of platinum group metals palladium – a metal among the “Noble House” china replica watchesPalladium is the 1803 British chemist, physicist Wollaston first successfully isolated from the crude out of platinum, palladium then began to have their own The name Palladium.
The name comes from the 1802?€ newly discovered asteroid sun Pallas-Athena.
It was a star to commemorate ancient Greek mythology, Athena, goddess of wisdom and technology planet.
Palladium features palladium, a platinum group element symbol Pd, appearance similar to platinum, silver-white metallic luster, vivid color.
The proportion of 12 lighter than platinum, scalability and strong.
Melting point 1555 ℃, hardness 4-4.5, slightly harder than platinum.
Chemical properties more stable, insoluble in organic acids ?€, cold sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, but dissolved in nitric acid and aqua regia, under normal and difficult to oxidation and dull.
The density of one cubic centimeter of palladium is 12.023 grams.
Athens Palladium watch case palladium jewelry?China Rolex Replica palladium relatively stable to acid erosion.
Palladium almost no impurities, high purity.
Pure palladium also very suitable for the skin, because it contains various impurities within other metals ?€ , palladium does not cause allergic skin reactions, the international jewelry industry began platinum palladium process to make it as jewelry and decorative art purposes, and gradually form fashion trend.
Palladium has excellent physical and chemical properties, high temperature, corrosion, abrasion and with a strong stretch, the purity, rarity and durability, and platinum can replace each other, either alone or making jewelry precious stone, called the best material.
Palladium jewelery beauty, from the ancient Greeks rich romantic temperament and classical fashion ??€ life style, so that people enjoy the beauty.
It is pure, beauty, wisdom, replica rolex watches eternal symbol.
As the composition of the material nature, chemical and palladium by British physicist Wollaston separated from crude platinum in 1803.
Due to the similarity of their nature and Pt, the first people to palladium ?€ as platinum jewelry one of elements.
Until recently it was as a main element in the production of jewelry.
Palladium charm precious, pure, eternal! Palladium is one of the world’s rarest precious metal content in the earth’s crust is about one one-billionth, than a lot of gold to be scarce.
Only a few countries of the world Russia and South Africa produce ?€?annual gold output of less than 5 ‰.
Also rare than platinum.
Palladium abnormal tough, jewelry made of palladium is not only ?€ charming glory?Fake Rolex Chinaplatinum-like naturalness, and withstand years of sharpening, look as new.
Palladium almost no impurities, high purity, shining white light.
Palladium purity is also very suitable for the skin, it does not cause skin irritation.
Palladium and other white metal distinction white gold (Whitegold), also known as K platinum, which is an alloy of gold and the other is made of white metal alloying later.
Its codename WG (WhiteGold), which is the meaning of the white gold.
White K gold jewelry commonly “18K Gold” or “14K Gold” and expressed.
Platinum (Platnum) symbol Pt, silver gray, the proportion of 21.35, melting point 170 ℃, ?Mohs hardness 4-4.5 degrees, chemically stable, in addition to aqua regia acid corrosion from outside.
Relatively soft pure platinum, is added ruthenium, rhodium, palladium and other metals will increase its hardness.
Platinum and platinum alloy refers to other metals, such as palladium, rhodium, yttrium, ruthenium, cobalt, copper and the like.
Despite the hardness of pure platinum than gold, but as a mosaic of ?Fake Rolex use are not enough, it is necessary with other metal alloys, it can only be used to make jewelry.
Platinum jewelry international word mark is Pt, Plat or Platinum, and purity of the figures ?€?represent the micrometer, such as Pt900 represents purity is 900 ‰.
Common platinum jewelry marked with Pt1000, Pt950, ?€ Pt900, Pt850.
Palladium (Palladium) a platinum group, silver, ?€ symbol Pd, lighter than platinum, scalability and strong, slightly harder than platinum, insoluble in organic acids, cold sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, but dissolved in nitric acid and aqua regia.
Under normal is not easy oxidation and dull.

Rolex Daytona Automatic Full Rose Gold with Black Dial 18083

rolex replica??is the world watches, the Greenwich Rolex Daytona Automatic ?standard time location.
Now not only are astronomers use GMT, it is in the newspapers also often this term.
We know the local time in all parts of the country.
If you are a serious matter internationally, with local time recording, you will feel inconvenient complicated. And the future is easy to mistake a long day.
Therefore, astronomers proposed acceptable to all and because a convenient method of recording, it is the local standard time of Greenwich.
GMT Standard Time: rolex?refers to the outskirts of London, the Royal Greenwich Observatory standard time, because the prime meridian is defined by where the warp.
Theoretically, noon Greenwich Mean Time refers to the time when the sun crosses the Greenwich meridian time.
Due to the speed of the Earth’s uneven motion in its elliptical orbit, and this time may be the actual difference between solar time and 16 minutes.
Earth’s daily rotation is somewhat irregular, but is slowly decelerating.
So, rolex replica watches?rolex replica watches?is no longer being used as the standard time.
Standard time now – Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) –replica watches? provided by atomic clocks.
Since February 5, 1924, the Greenwich Observatory issued an hour will be to the world every time transfer of information.
Since the origin of the Earth’s orbit is not circular, its speed and change with the distance between the Earth and the Sun changes, therefore, as the sun when the lack of uniformity.
Depending on the length of the solar day but also by the relative inclination of the orbital plane of the Earth’s rotation axis influence.
In order to correct the non-uniformity, astronomers calculated the Earth’s polar axis is inclined and non-circular trajectory depends on the effect of solar time.
Mean solar means apparent revised when the sun.
Mean solar time at the Greenwich meridian as the world when (UT0), also known as Greenwich Mean Time (fake rolex).
GMT GMT and GMT time relationship is the central time zone, Beijing in the East Area 8, a difference of eight hours, so time = GMT +8 hours GMT

Tuo Tuo, self-winding watch crescents pellet member, located behind the movement.
Balance through the movement of the wearer’s arm to make the mainspring tight.
Rolex 3135 movement Tuo role: to provide power for the movement by the wearer’s wrist watch watch movement driven movement, automatic pendulum Tuo under the action of gravity rotating movement to power within the movement.
Self-winding movement is the basic driving force of gravity, automatic pendulum Tuo own Fake Rolex weight so that it is stationary holding down the center of gravity, the movement is constrained inertia into rotational axis, automatic pendulum Tuo construction and raw materials for automatic Run efficacy chain plays a decisive role.
Tuo development: the idea early in the pocket began practice: the 18th century, Abraham-LouisPerrelet first successful design a mechanical device, as long as the table is moving, which means the pendulum-like weight on the hair of transmission power.
But the significance of the actual use of this device is relatively small: Because usually lying quietly watch people’s pockets, you can not get enough momentum.
Until the early twentieth century, watch the birth, circumstances change, in 1923 the British watchmakers JohnHarwood developed Rolls watch, this watch is automatically placed Tuo weight on the axis, running back and forth in the box to slide a given range as the watch spring.
Today, automatic movement through independent automatic pendulum Tuo operation – the vast majority of sheet metal processing into semi-circular -, usually mounted on the rear of the center bearing movement.
1931 Rolex (Rolex) founder HansWilsdorf the introduction of a central automatic pendulum Tuo watch, although automatic pendulum Tuo rotation in both directions, but only one way a wound.
In 1942, the production of the original cartridge assembly center Felsa launched automatically placed Tuo Bidynator, it can be two-way on a wound, it installed a switching drive mechanism, so that can be converted into a one-way bi-directional rotation of acting exercise.
“The larger the weight of the material itself, the more kinetic energy to bring”, rolex replica watches Z

omega seamaster fake for sale

More than half a omega seamaster fake for sale century, thrived sport.
Equestrian, tennis, gymnastics, running, golf, short track speed skating, etc., as one of the elegant sport, has always been a favorite of the upper crust.
Longines attention, support sport at the same time, the connection with a variety of sports work closely.
In 2011, Longines has become the partner Beijing International Equestrian Masters, but to launch a beauty to classical times and exquisite Longines chronograph column wheel to show the unique equestrian sport of precision and charm.
Motorsport also received an olive branch thrown Longines.
Longines Watches Speed ??developed to commemorate the fastest man in history and a series of style of the bravest athletes, it is given the speed and vivid abstract connotation, streamlined shell, aerodynamic arc convex dynamic, tachymeter scale shows other signs of elements, emphasizing the spiritual significance of the speed of life, time.
Speed ??series is divided into three, attracted the most attention is that section of the “Knight”.
Watch engraved the swing vibration frequency is 28,800 times per hour, the omegar fake for sale?energy reserves of up to 46 hours Integrated L683 self-winding mechanical movement of the body, visible through the sapphire crystal caseback.
The most important point is that the “Knight” does not only reflect the overall style of sporting elegance but also has equestrian events function of speed.
This watch has just been published, while the extraordinary popularity of the attitude to fashion, they are favored to win many Mingshiyashi eyes.
With the other two watches also have a variety of styles, “racing” style dial with polished silver, black and rhodium color.
No matter how picky you are sports fans can always find room for him in the first wrist companion for Speed ??series Longines watches.
For the loyal love happy in terms of the table is a wonderful emotions work.
Baroncelli faithful to the tradition of taste and memory of elegance, rose gold on the table in a simple brightness and high quality modeling between lovers wrist.
Look at the color boldly and jumping, hot pink gold colors to create the overall framework, open white dial with blue Roman numerals Shudan uniformly distributed over the periphery of the dial, color Tiaodang and fresh.
omega fake
AlignCenter 2563 “title =” Mido Mido Baroncelli PVD omega seamaster fake?rose gold on the table “alt =” Mido Mido Baroncelli PVD rose gold on the table 2014/03/0328205018523622 “/>
Simple changes in three colors compatible with the nature of the wave of modern design trends, but also on spending indifferent table of love, no frills really see a wonderful metaphor.
Dial with exquisite carving and ripple ordered by the double mirror anti-glare sapphire crystal face, flashing blur light changes.
4:30 figures display a calendar, just dial the internal pressure increased line of golden circle, very lively.
Watch two identical shapes, reflect the love Heart Xiangxi.
The difference is that only men are shaping diameter of 38 mm, diameter 29 mm female models.
Just read the “Breakfast at Tiffany”, the public will not be forgotten holly sipping coffee and croissants chewing, looked at the fake omega window of precious diamonds that beautiful figure.
Although separated from feasting on earth this woman in camouflage, a pair of beautiful eyes are clean Che pure as a child, she was described as “almost like a whole body exudes a kind of healthy flavored breakfast cereals, it is a kind of lemon and soap as clean taste. ”
Even simple clothes line, Audrey Hepburn can also wear the fashion style.
World famous couturier Hubert de Givenchy once jokingly said: “Audrey Hepburn wore the same dress if only potatoes pocket, but also show elegance.

Cartier Copy Watches – Copy Watches China

As early as 1957, the Cartier Copy Watches for military divers have designed the first super marine Superocean, decades later, the company once again to launch a new innovative watchmaking Super Ocean series.
Watch the series rugged performance, that rugged stainless steel case, rubber die of stainless steel fluted bezel, and carefully press-fit dynamic numerals, one-way ratchet rotating bezel and a thick double-sided Anti-chord sapphire crystal, as well as super luminescent hands, screw-in crown, and equipped with internal self-winding mechanical movement, everywhere and fearless determination Breitling ocean swimming.
Especially the safety valve apparatus specially equipped, can effectively balance the case to withstand water pressure, even to use the depth of 1,500 meters under water is extremely safe and reliable.
From the sky into the ocean, Herbert Nite Qi created a miracle in the history of motion; from the blue of the sky into the sea of ??blue, Breitling will also extraordinary performance, top-of watchmaking with the perfect blend of innovative design aesthetics continue Super Ocean watches for the expansion member.
Now, watch the series has five models, namely 42 Super Ocean watch 44 Super Ocean watch, Super Ocean Chronograph II, Super Ocean World Time watches and Super Ocean Chronograph M2000.
They are like somewhere between humans and marine, sport and time among the blue elves, ready to discover, to explore uncharted waters below.
With many top brands, Breitling born in Switzerland Jura valley.
In 1884, Leon Breitling Shengyimiye Jura valley town built a production chronograph and science, chemical plants use precision counters.
Eight years later, he was back to the drawing watchmaking industry gradually developed into a colony, ordered factories to street here, the main production of pocket watches and other timers.
Leon Breitling very Chong Deguo “Father glider’s” Alto Lilienthal, achieve deep blue sky flying dream to conquer the indomitable final glorious deeds inspired by this person, he was determined to use a lilltle chronograph hands to express their Sky love.
In 1914, World War I, the world’s aviation industry began to fly over Europe in urgent need of a large number of arms supplies belligerent, Breitling live off war tremendous business opportunities, the army began production with the seconds and luminous watch.
At this time, Mr. Leon Breitling’s son Gaston Breitling took over the family Copy Watches?business, in the second year of the war developed the innovative world’s first one out independent timing button, making it a pioneer in the field of modern chronograph .
In 1923, Breitling has successfully developed the first zero function with chronograph and separate buttons watch, this major innovation makes piecewise continuous timing quickly and easily, immediately applied to the aviation industry.
Because the precise timing and reliable performance of new products, this watch is rapidly Replica Watches China?becoming the choice for pilots.
By the late 1920s, the extraordinarily rapid development of the aviation industry, the pilots flew more than 5,000 meters altitude overflights easily have been a cinch, there was also a record for the first time the British pilots flying across the Atlantic feat, breaking the aviation flight altitude and flight distance The dual recording.
Breitling then have utmost 35 years in the watch industry began to take off shoulder to shoulder with the world’s aviation industry.
In 1931, Breitling re-launch of the exclusive masterpiece – the world’s first specially designed for aircraft and automobile dashboards dashboard designed cockpit timer.
The product is robust construction, powerful movement, black dial with oversized white fluorescent scale, outer surface covered with a layer of lightweight aluminum housing.
It was that year became one of the company’s flagship product, in the Cartier Replica Watches?airline industry won an excellent reputation, make the brand legendary Breitling, many large companies such as Boeing, Douglas, Lockheed and other aircraft manufacturers to make is that it’s still loyal users.
A year later, Breitling family’s third generation descendant of Willie Breitling charge of the family business, under his leadership, the Breitling move into the new era of comprehensive development.
Willie strongly advocated the development of new products, the introduction of the internal configuration of two Division into a separate production from “HUIT AVIATION” department in 1934, the department has a rigorous testing laboratories to ensure that the instrument in a variety of temperatures and environments are timing precision and stable performance.
The “HUIT AVIATION” sector produced quickly by the instrumentation aviation professionals, especially the Air Force senior officers of all ages.
Mr. Lyons, founder of Breitling company now has overall operations to let go, but he never gave up on the dream of flying hearts.
In 1936, this brave old man driving the “Spirit of St. Louis” flew over the vast Atlantic Ocean.
The feat let Willy Breitling keenly aware of the huge demand for aviation precise Cartier Copy?timing, just before this year, the British Royal Air Force authorized Breitling designated supplier, specifically to provide military flight watch for the Air Force team.
Willy Breitling and on occasion, leading the company a step toward the direction of the aviation industry manufactured solidarity.
September 1941, Breitling’s new invention – “sliding scale rotating disk” successful trial, made a smooth Swiss Patent No. 217,012.
The invention is to revolutionize the watch function: if pilots wear this watch, not only can quickly and easily perform multiplication and division, metric conversion, etc., but also to calculate the plane took off and landing speed and time.
On the basis of this innovative invention, the Breitling company tested positive in the second year it launched the world’s first Cartier Replica Watches China flight as a pilot with a ring slider chronograph Chrononat.
This time, World War II was entering a stalemate moment, the Allies and the Axis bath equipment fighting in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa battlefield.
Army troops, ships armed forces, air force have the primary boot, second-generation fighter also arrayed in the air, launched a fierce air battle field.
Many people do not know, the Royal Air Force’s second-generation fighter almost all equipped with Breitling timer.
2505 aligncenter “title =” 1884 production of Breitling watches Navitimer “alt =” Breitling 1884 produced Navitimer watches 2014/02/005737371525 “/>
Until the “war” ended, Breitling still firmly based aviation research and development related to timing products.

Chinese Copy Rolex Watches

This time, World War II was entering a Chinese Copy Rolex Watches?stalemate moment, the Allies and the Axis bath equipment fighting in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa battlefield.
Army troops, ships armed forces, air force have the primary boot, second-generation fighter also arrayed in the air, launched a fierce air battle field.
Many people do not know, the Royal Air Force’s second-generation fighter almost all equipped with Breitling timer.
2505 aligncenter “title =” 1884 production of Breitling watches Navitimer “alt =” Breitling 1884 produced Navitimer watches 2014/02/005737371525 “/>
Until the “war” ended, Breitling still firmly based aviation research and development related to timing products.
Prior to 1975, the Boeing 707, Douglas DC-8, the European caravel three aircraft have been equipped with Breitling Cockpit timer; after 1957, almost all the world-class aircraft manufacturers and airlines are equipped with The same timer, Breitling truly become “the world’s aviation industry designated suppliers.”
In the 1950s and 1970s, it watches for the introduction of the history of the classic “air full range Navitimer” watch.
1952 produced Navitimer watch created a large watch legendary Copy Rolex?history of its Wonderful lies with ring flying slider, can help pilots fly easily and quickly complete all operations related including average speed, flight distance, fuel consumption , rate of climb, descent rate and other terms of kilometers and miles and nautical miles.
Wearing this watch, as much in the wrist microcomputer a mass data storage, ready to be measured flight data on the machine,Fake Rolex China so people call it “Air computers.”
More remarkable is: Navitimer watch the first ten years after the birth, along with American astronaut Scott Carpenter aboard Maj together “Aurora 7” capsule full flight around the Earth three times, becoming the world The first space travel a chronograph, but also record the conquest of space Breitling legendary history.
To commemorate the 125th anniversary of establishment of the brand Breitling, rolex replica watches Navitimer watch once came back in 2009.
Watchmakers for this upgrade version equipped with a legendary work only accurate to a quarter second, vibration frequently was 28,800 / hour Chronograph Movement.
With its central location loaded with 60 minutes total timer, rotating bezel with circular slide rule, curved sapphire crystal through the anti-reflective coating, black dial, white scale, water resistant to 30 meters.

This watch limited production of replica watches 2009, attracted many collectors snapped up.
From 1952 to 2013, 1220 </a> Navitimer Breitling watches continuous production for 61 years, becoming the world’s oldest mechanical chronograph in production.
Today, it has been regarded as a legendary watch industry, fashion style never allowed to go for eyebrows, the only consistent trust and loyalty will make love, care.
Like the current president of Breitling Di Tudor Schneider said: “For the manufacture of Swiss watches, the fashion is only given to the first era of people watch some personal views only.
Today, Breitling is still selling the most sought-after 1952 classic Navitimer.
People’s aesthetic ideas may occur in the 20th century, great changes, values ??of life are different, but for handmade trust has not changed.
Or mere coincidence, or a wonderful fate, Breitling and Bentley to soar same two letter “B” as a symbol of the legendary brand, even 100 years after the birth of the intersection of parallel, speeding forward to jointly develop a new journey.
Precision instruments engraved journey time, strong lasting power sports, this gratifying achievements met a pair of win-win combination, but only let Breitling produced a series of excellent quality timepieces Pierre, and more to create a top watch brands It is a natural fit.
2516 aligncenter “title =” Beckham endorsement Breitling Bentley Chinese Copy Rolex?series “alt =” Beckham endorsement Breitling Bentley Series 2014/02 / 84271c600450 “/>
So it should be the same outstanding senior automotive distinguished Breitling conclude alliance.
2002, the two great legendary brand first hand and began a decade of close cooperation, continuously introduced as several boutique, for example,rolex replica “The new ISR Bentley GT Chronograph Limited Edition”, “Breitling Bentley GT Lightweight replica watches?Chronograph “,” Breitling Bentley Continental GT Junji Chronograph “and” Muli Na Tourbillon “, and so on.
Launched simultaneously worldwide limited edition of 100 new Bentley Continental GT Convertible ISR in Bentley, Breitling has launched a similar limited-edition 100 new Bentley GT Chronograph Limited Edition ISR.
The owners of the top watch tailored specifically for ISR, ISR titanium case watch, new carbon fiber weave dial, red and black colors, red and black woven carbon fiber instrument panel, and the red on the outer Breitling ISR car equipped the dashboard clock and other details, are a perfect interpretation of cross-border integration precision timepieces and luxury sports cars.
Breitling is chronometer representatives from Switzerland, Bentley is from British ultra-luxury car brand, two legendary brands in decades relentlessly pursue cooperation in precision machinery technology, heritage spare no effort to challenge themselves, breaking the limit of infinite passion.
As they continue to launch the car in the world, watch Gift to the world, people also remember the two artful miniature letter “B”.
– Wish Breitling, the conquered sky and sea watch brand, continues to Ko away empty served as the watch industry, deep-sea pilot fearless warriors.

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But the good.
Quartz watches in the 1970s fake rolex watches for sale free shipping surging, in the watch industry set off a huge revolution, “founding” the impact of frequent movement, actually disappeared in the changing room.
Fortunately, the’ll find a watchmaker surviving blueprints, according to this blueprint, Zenith finally reproduce hosting the Games in 1984 to make “founding” movement!
Newborn three calendar “founding” movement to a brilliant debut shocked the entire watch industry.
While internal movement contains 354 precision parts, 41 screws and 31 stone, with unparalleled precision performance, and can be pressed with the magnetic field sudden attack.
In general, after the general assembly movement is completed, we need 10 different lubricant is at least 50 parts joints lubricated, and the three calendar “founding” movement plywood part you need to master only 38 components treated as such.

Look at its production process and time: three calendar “founding” Every mechanical movement are subject to 5-50 steps need 50 rolling gear machining programs on the dial, you need 77 rolls tooth machining program on plywood; If the production of a single movement, usually using at least 18 different metal materials, to mobilize replica rolex watches?at least 20 watchmakers, focus on this day after day, While this intricate three calendar “founding” consumed whole movement Zenith When watchmakers nine months to be considered success!
“Founding” movement in the watch industry limelight, but Zenith portrait interpretation is not over yet.
10 years later, another ultra-thin movement “Essence Elite” on again! The ultra-thin movement of 3.28 mm thickness, only the “founding” of the half, but at the moment, meaning thin refining, which means Fengrui.
Zenith numerous metal components in the geometry, the precision and fake rolex watches for sale?reliability invisible mosaic in, and follow the French for “the essence, the elite,” meaning the “Elite” word to name it.
“Essence” live up to expectations, glory in the first 10 years, “founding” after – won Baselworld “Best mechanical movement!”
Three dazzling works like a wonderful passionate movement three big, all the way elected as a recognized, for making precise “treasures” Zenith.
Slender tiny parts, chic form, there is no trace of polish, column wheel support center, a high level of lubrication technology, elegant and functional appearance of the fusion of several generations of master brainchild.
Yun Xuan combination of gears is always at its best, quite true when the system will never go to replica rolex watches for sale?define precise and reliable, cherish every time, keep time table fans will at first sight it was deeply moved.
In the world’s top watch, many brands are emphasizing their own history of how long and how well watchmaking skills, how stylish exterior design, followers how grace and elegance.
Compare with Panerai seems out of place: the birth year because it was unable to par with the brand family; because of military background, it missed the royal palace categorically; because simple eye-catching, it not take the world of fashion modeling.
If it can be placed under the background of the deep blue sea, I am afraid only navigation table’s first brand Athens can be compared with it.
Athens accompanied by numerous navigators passing storm, the achievements of the maritime history of the legendary timepiece, while in the 2490 Panerai </a> diving depth slightly better.
Coupled with the film star Sylvester Stallone’s wonderful interpretation, this robust diving flamboyant hero and making a lot of stunning male atmosphere.
After the first time in collaboration with the Italian Navy, Panerai accompany groups of warriors risk their lives in the two world wars.
During World War II, this glorious name appears once again concerned about military armaments.
2495 aligncenter “title =” Panerai 1950 Tourbillon GMT Tourbillon Limited, waterproof 100 meters,replica rolex watches for sale in the usa limited production 100 “alt =” Panerai 1950 Tourbillon GMT Tourbillon Limited, waterproof 100 meters, limited production 100 2014/02/002124295288 “/>
December 28, 1941, the Italian Navy sent six agents night dive, a successful surprise attack British naval fleet in Alexandria.
At the time, these agents of factors in addition to the victory secret warfare, the perfect accoutrements also played a significant role.
They dressed in black tights,fake rolex watches advanced equipment is advanced in the sea thanks to the two wrist, namely diving watch and compass.
According to the plan, the agents have to rely on the compass indicating the exact position, within a predetermined time British naval torpedo provided below, if the dive time is too long, oxygen bottle will be enough oxygen, so they need to be floating on the surface of time counted.
Now if the compass and dive watch any errors are likely to fall short.
However, two precision instrument did not make the Italian army disappointed, six agents in the specified location, specify the time successfully sneaked into the bottom of the British battleship, complete device detonated bombs also adjusted the time.
However, their luck did not last long, six agents when leaving exhaustively capture by the British patrol.